Thanks to these sponsors


 Thanks to the sponsors below for donating these special gifts during our Valentines give away.

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1. 16×20 portrait and session valued at $600
2. $50 gift card from On The Square, Tarboro
3.  $50 gift card toward a new purchase from Bailey’s Jewelry
4   $25 gift card toward a $30 purchase at Ace Hardware,Tarboro
    5. 15% off Spring Clothing at The Red Caboose Children’s Shop in Rocky Mount
           Red Caboose Facebook
             6.  $50 gift card from B&G Fitness, Tarboro
            B&G Website 
7.  $50 Gift card from Rusty’s Gift Shop  of Tarboro
            Rusty’s Website
8.   $60 value for a Massage from Jon Chelle’s of Rocky Mount
9.  $49 gift card to The Bill Goode Photo Workshop
10. Sterling Silver Hershey Kiss Pendant..$69.99 Value from Rex Jewelers  of Tarboro
11. $25 gift card toward a flower arrangement from
                 All About Flowers of Tarboro.  
       Flowers Website
            12 $50 gift certificate from Dawn Smith of The Hair Gallery of Greenville.
               Use toward color or cut.
             Hair Gallery Website
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