Senior Portraits

  Class of 2019

Be A Goode Senior Model

We are looking for senior models to help us get the word out about our senior portrait program. A senior model will receive a FREE senior portrait session. This is a $125 value for our deluxe two hour location senior session. Also our senior models could receive 20% off their orders.

Contact the studio and find out more about being a “Goode Model’ this year for the class of 2019. We are only accepting a limited amount from each area school.

Call today 252-823-1383

The only way we can get the word out about the kind of senior portraits we create is to show of a bit. That’s where you come in. Bring a number of outfits, any interests, sport uniforms, brother or sisters and even your pet. We want to let everyone know how much fun it is to create a senior portrait and make every session personal and special.

You can email us for questions and more information to

Senior Portrait Class of 2019

Senior Portraits by Bill Goode

¬†Bring as many outfits as you like. Make it personal….



It’s a fun session. We start in the studio and work outdoors. Our most popular session is the deluxe session with up to two hours of personal attention.


Term of the session:

The sessions will be photographed in April. This will give us time to create a very cool senior video to share on social media from your session. The goal of our senior model program is to show off a bit. This is a way for us to show other seniors from the class of 2019 how we can create their senior portrait.

A $100 deposit is paid to book the senior model program. The $100 applies toward your future order. The session charge is free so you are saving an additional $125.

A senior proof video will be created after the session to share on social media. We will schedule an appointment to review the images here at the studio. If you place an order within 30 days after the senior video is ready and posted online you will receive 20% off your order.

Each senior will receive an image phone app to share with his or her friends for free. The phone app contains up to 30 different poses from the senior session and a copy of the proof video.They can use these for their own social media fun.

Join our senior model program today.

Sample session below