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Fun Party Friday at Bill Goode Photography

Cake Smash

Jackson would not share his cake with me but we had a fun time anyway today

We had a great time today working that cake with Jackson Long during his 12 month old cake smash. It took him a few moments but once he started he was in deep. I let Yah Yah ( I hope I spelled that correctly ) take a few pictures of me trying to get him to share his cake.Fun Friday!!


Early Bird Special for Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits

Early Bird Senior Special

Senior Portraits

Early Bird Special

We are calling the class of 2014 and offering an Early Bird Special. A free portrait session in June for senior portraits. Contact us today. Our senior portrait Beach Safari is July 20th at Atlantic Beach. This would be a great addition to your session.

Charleston Portrait.


EBO in Charleston

Even working with your own grandchild you have little control. We were walking around Charleston trying to get a matching portrait of Ebo like we did for brother Lucas. The first few locations worked well but when we arrived at this beautiful spot with over flowing Charleston flowers she bombed. I found this little set of stairs that would be perfect the light was just right and the flowers were set but it was a no go.

When photographing children you know when it’s finished. Nothing you can do will bring you back to a fresh start except a good nap. Children are at their best within the first 10 minuets of the start of a portrait session. If you don’t have something good by then, well it may be over. We have an oil portrait of Lucas hanging in the studio I want to match. I may be walking the street of Charleston again in search of  the perfect image in a few weeks when we go for Lucas’s birthday. I do have a few images I like that will work but we may try a different outfit this time.

Amy and I are meeting Hilliary half way on Friday to pick up the kids for a long weekend. We will have them with us until Tuesday so it will be a wild time around here. Looking forward to spending time with the kids.

Special Portrait Donation for a worthy “paws”

Portrait Donation

We are offering a gift certificate for a portrait session and one 5×7 color portrait for only $20. It’s a $150 value.

Sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it. What’s the catch?
It’s what we call a “Double Give” deal. You give a donation and we give you a color portrait. It’s a win/win. Your $20 donation will be given to:
Your donation will supply food and shelter to animals while this wonderful group finds homes for unwanted pets.
It’s a great time of the year to take advantage of this beautiful offer while helping a worthy cause.
Click the link below to access our website and purchase the certificate.
You will have until January 30,2013 to use it.

This could be a wonderful Christmas gift!  If you are considering a portrait this is your time.

This offer will only be available for three days!

New Jersey Portrait Session

Jersey Portrait

The Second Portrait

This was the second portrait session for this family and one more to go. A couple of years ago we received a referral call from a friend of a client we have been working with for many years. She wanted to create a traditional wall portrait. She knew I had family in the area and wanted to know if I would be willing to travel to New jersey  to her Mom’s house to create this very special portrait.It worked out very well.

The first session was a success so this weekend I had a chance to travel back to the mother land to finish the second session. Now in between sessions she had another child so I hope it will be the reason for a future visit in a couple of years. She lives in New York but we arranged the session to be at her Mom’s house in Monroe NJ not very far from my sister’s place in Leonardo, NJ.The rest of the weekend was spend visiting family and friends while re-tracing the glory days. It will take a week to get back to normal food again.

I had a great test pilot while I was setting up for the session. Here is a look at the set up and the portrait. I remember before arriving to the first session a couple of years ago I asked if she wanted me to also capture some candid lifestyle type images of her son. Her reply was she can get anyone to do that kind of work but wanted a traditional portrait look. So maybe we still have a chance to keep a step ahead of every third person on the planet  that wants to be a professional photographer.

Magazine Portrait Session

Magazine Session

Magazine Session

This weekend was a busy one in the great state of New Jersey. I headed back to my home town roots of Hoboken and the shore area to spend some last minute glory days quality time with high school friends. While there I had a couple of portrait appointments that were exciting. One portrait session was for this New Jersey Magazine called Currents. My subject was one of New Jersey’s leading interior designers Mari Mahoney-Rossano. She was creating an ad for the publications and I was called upon to create the portrait for her ad.

Owner Mari Mahoney -Rossano of MMR Interiors has been in business serving the South New Jersey shore area for over 15 years. While spending set up time talking during the session I have come to realize that the interior design business is very much like the photography industry. Many people can do it on their own but when you hire a professional the end results are miles above in quality.

Children’s Portraits

Molly Thompson

Loving Outdoors

Molly Faces

Molly Faces



What a great time with Molly today. Nothing like a two year to test your skills. She didn’t want to work in the studio much but once we go outside she was into it. I was thinking while photographing little Molly that many years ago ( I  won’t say how many) I photographed her mom at the same age. That seems crazy to me. How awesome is it to have a business that you can be a part of so many lives as they grow through the years.

Of course this business of photography has changes more in five years then it has in the last 35 years. Being able to post images to a blog like this and to Facebook, websites and all other social media’s give you the chance to show off you work to so many others in the world. I guess it’s a go thing and also a pain because it take up so much time. This old dog is getting the hang of it. Keep in touch.

God Bless America.

While looking for some other images to use for a promotion I came across this image of the Sessoms children. I love the expression they have. Being it’s an election year I thought this would be the right theme. I don’t thing I have ever posted it to my blog before so I wanted to get it out there.

This could be the moment to get all political and deep but I will just let the image to the talking and you can fill in the story that goes with it.

America's Children

All American

Beach Portraits

Family Beach Portraits

Beach Portraits

Let’s go to the beach. We are now setting up our beach week on the Crystal Coast of NC. This family image was from this past weekend in Emerald Isle, NC. What a fun family! We created a bunch of images for the family portrait then they had the same matching T shirts for a pose in front of  the beach house. Great idea. These are the moments that make a family gathering very special. Check out more details from our recent newsletter.

We also have a number of family beach pose posted to our beach gallery