Camera Tip: Framing

Framing an Image

Take a moment and look around the next time you are shooting. You will find so many new ways to frame your subject when you know what to look for.

When you think of “framing” you probably think first of the wood thing that you put around the print before it goes on your wall. Using framing with photography is very much the same idea. You are looking for items around you to add a creative frame and dimension to your image.   Framing the subject is another way to direct the viewer’s eye to your image. Maybe it’s finding the over- hanging tree to shape the house, or the fence to nail that perfect image of the little guy running down the road. When you use framing you are adding another dimension to your photography.

Framing an image with camera tip by Bill Goode Photography

Framing Example

You’re looking at a single piece of paper right now. How can we make this a three dimensional image without using some special glasses? Framing could be a great way to achieve this. Let’s look at the simple parts of a photograph. There’s the subject and the background. Your son is standing on the beach and the water is in the background, or your family is posed by the edge of a beautiful lake. These are some perfect backgrounds. Now let’s add the other dimension by framing a foreground. We have a foreground, subject and background. This is the formula that will give our image the depth needed to make it three-dimensional.

When you’re out next time with your camera,  take a moment and see what you can use to place in the foreground. Highlight your subject with a frame. Use some of the examples included in this camera tip. Rules are there to be broken, so live “on the edge” and “out of the box.” Keep shooting!

Wedding Candid

Framing Camera Tip

By using the window and the tree above I was able to direct the viewers eye to the main subject the wedding couple.

Framing A Building in a camera Tip from Bill Goode Photography

Framing A Building

When taking building images it is always a good idea to look for something that will help to add a frame.

Framing Camera Tip by Bill Goode Photography

Framing A Self Portrait

Even this self portrait would look much different if I haven’t placed my shadow in the right spot or on a plain wall. The next time you pick up you camera take a look around and fine that frame element needed to make your image better and more interesting.

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