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Tracy and Jonathan’s Wedding Day

The Cloth Mill on The Eno River is an awesome location for a wedding. Tracy and Jonathan were one of the early weddings at this new venue. When Tracy was 6 years old she was on a soccer team I coached.Wow! It was honored to be there for her. My secret weapon on the playing field was the most beautiful bride ever. Time sure does go by fast, it doesn’t seem that long ago remembering ┬áthose soccer days. Congratulations Tracy and Jonathan. Thank you for trusting me to capture this very special day in your new life together.

Bill Goode Photography

Tracy and Jonathan

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Senior Class of 2016

Senior Class of 2016

Here is a video I used for the Senior Class of 2015. It has some seniors from the last three years. I am looking to update this video with only the class of 2016. If you are interested in being one of our Senior models contact us at the studio. You will enjoy a free full Senior portrait session and a chance to earn added images to your future order. You will also be featured in our new Senior Class of 2016 video.

Here is the video from the last three class we are looking to up date.

Lori & Jonathan

A beautiful wedding for Lori & Jonathan yesterday. The service was at the First Baptist church in Rocky Rocky Mount and the reception was at Benvenue Country Club. We just made it back before the rain came. It was a pleasure to see everyone again. I have been photographing all these girls since they we very very young. This makes me feel old!

It is awesome to be a part of creating so many beautiful moments for these friends for so many years.Congratulation Lori & Jonathan thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wonderful day.

Lori & Jonathan

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Alison & Mat’s Wedding

Some highlights from Alison & Mat’s Wedding this Saturday. It was a perfect day for a wedding and everything went so well. The service was at Howard Memorial Presbyterian Church in Tarboro ( my church) and the reception was at Myrtal Grove Plantation. One beautiful location an awesome place for a wedding. I had a chance to meet some new friends and visit with some old. I very much enjoyed talking ┬áto one of my soccer players I coached many years ago. Let see, he is now maybe 23 and he was 5 or 6 years old back then. He still remembered the power pellets ( smarty’s ) I used to give the team right before a game.They were magic power pellets or now would be kiddy steroids . His position on the team was ” chicken wing”. Funny how kids remember the things you think go unnoticed. Makes you feel good to carve a small notch in their life’s memory banks.

I have photographed Alison many years ago as a child and captures her senior portrait. Being a family photographer is a special trust for a family to stay with you for so many years. I am looking forward to sharing all the images and special moments.

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Alison & Mat's Wedding

Alison & Mat’s Wedding

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Fun Party Friday at Bill Goode Photography

Cake Smash

Jackson would not share his cake with me but we had a fun time anyway today

We had a great time today working that cake with Jackson Long during his 12 month old cake smash. It took him a few moments but once he started he was in deep. I let Yah Yah ( I hope I spelled that correctly ) take a few pictures of me trying to get him to share his cake.Fun Friday!!